Who'd have thought eh!

So when I started up Mimosa Soapery I hadn't thought of my sewing skills as being part of the deal. Sewing was purely a hobby. Not clothes I am rubbish at sewing clothes but I love sewing cushion covers and quilts.

Setting up the shop I knew that I would probably have to diversify a little and offer more than simply soap. The obvious thing to offer was something to use with the soap like washcloths. A Pinterest search showed the crochet washcloths and I thought what a fab idea. My friend and my mum knocked some up for me and they are lovely and wash really well but then I was pooling around Pintrest (as you do) and came across handmade face pads. I then realised that my little side line of "Live and Let Sew" could actually become part of Mimosa Soapery and here we are.

I have started making bags with the ripstop fabric (see my previous blog post about polyester) and these make perfect washbags as they are water resistant and easy wipe if make up gets spilt in it.

Then yesterday when I added loads of face pads to my shop I realised it would be useful for me to sew little drawstring bags that you can drop your used face pad into and then pop into the washing machine to clean them. I have now ordered some mesh fabric to make these and they will be for sale in my shop soon as well.

How things can mushroom eh!!

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