Thinking ahead.

In this business of soap making (like many businesses) we have to think a season ahead. So while you are all thinking about Halloween, bonfires and warm snuggly cosy jumper evenings, I am thinking about soaps for Spring. Noooooo...... I hear you cry. For goodness sake!!! It's ok I'm not going to start some kind of spring campaign already but I am thinking about a new range of soaps.

Thanks to you all I have had a brilliant start to my homemade soap business and I need to mix it up and try to ensure that I cater for those of you who have already bought my soaps but also to try to attract new clients. One gap I have noted is soaps for men. Most of my soaps are "unisex". They aren't all flowery but it would be nice to have a soap for the men of the UK.

I have 4 soaps in the trial stage at the moment. The man soap is a definite I just need to tweak the design of the soap. I also designed 2 new soaps last night with some different essential oils to the ones I already have and have ordered the oils to make them and see how they turn out.

My very first soap was a Fresh Linen fragrance and went down an absolute storm and by popular demand I will be making these to sell as well.

That is hopefully 4 soaps ready to test over the next few weeks. I need to think of 2 more as it make sense financially for me to submit a batch of 6 soaps to get my safety certificates. Do you have any favourite oils that I haven't considered yet? Leave me your suggestions in the comments below I would love to hear your ideas.

In other news....I will be offering soap shavings for sale in my shop very soon. I had been toying with what to do with my shavings and am embarrassed to say I have even thrown some away. There are 2 main things that other people seem to do with their shavings; either use them in "confetti" soap or sell them to use in soap bags. I have actually bought myself some sisal bags and used the shavings and it is a brilliant way of trying out a soap before buying a full size bar. 50g bags of shavings with a sisal soap bag will be for sale very soon on the website

Happy Saturday guys. See you soon ❤️

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