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Packaging dilemmas abound. How do I wrap my soap and sell it? Here is where Pinterest comes into its own. So many ideas, but it's not just about the design for the wrapping; it's also about the information I have to include on the packaging?

Legally I have to list the ingredients I have used. I have to list the colourants, Latin names for essential oils and so on. I have to include a PAO (Period after opening) - this tells you how long you have to use the item up once you have opened it. I have to include my business information so you can contact me if you have any queries about the soap. I also want to include logos such as RSPO, vegan and not tested on animals so its not just simply a label with the name of the soap and my logo. This means I need labelling with plenty of space to ensure that I include all of this information.

Pinterest has provided me with lots of ideas. Do I go for a wraparound idea? Do I go for a printed box? Do I use stickers? Other considerations include cost and my ability to design.

I have had in my head all along to use waxed or glassine paper to wrap the soap in. This paper is biodegradable which is key for me to consider as I really want to push the #ecofriendly #noplastichere theme in my brand. It will also ensure that the shelf life of my soap is prolonged as it will remain wrapped up until it is needed.

Initially, I thought I would use the waxed or glassine paper and seal it with stickers and I have sourced companies who do biodegradable stickers but this has considerable cost implications for me and whilst spending money on branding is key at this stage of the process this would mean a lots of stickers being printed with differing information. This led me to look at wraps. Wrapping the soap in light card or paper seems to be a very popular method of covering soap and I have spent the last 2 days mocking up what the wraps may look like and there are a couple of different versions below.

Just to note: the soap in the wrapping is not the soap described on the front of the label, but it is the same shape and size of the soaps I will be selling. This has allowed me to get the sizing right. I am torn though. I think I prefer the plain colour and not the yellow background. I was going to make each different soap a different colour but that will get tedious I think. I also think that the plain design will look perfect on Kraft brown paper and again support the #ecofriendly branding. I am also torn between the 2 logos. I may throw the decision out to you guys, perhaps you can help? I think I may put a poll on my Instagram - go find @mimosasoapery and pop your vote in.

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