I am still here albeit a little quiet

I am still here. Mimosa Soapery is still open but I am very quiet at the moment.

There are many reasons for this. I hate this time of year I long for the sun and sunshine and warmth and generally struggle January and February most years. I take my Vitamin D and exercise but I just struggle with motivation.

It has been difficult 3 months at home what with starting my new job and adjusting to my new working hours and then COVID smacking right into us. Starting with my daughter who got it very mildly then with me who got it pretty mildly as well. I managed to carry on working from home with it but have found that I can be a little fatigued at times. My husband got it worse. He was admitted to hospital with COVID pneumonia and spent 7 days in there really quite poorly. We are lucky, he has made a good recovery and fingers crossed he has come out the other side reasonably unscathed.

Then I found a lump on my thyroid - blah blah blah. It's all benign but it has all been really stressful.

I am taking some time for myself.

I have supplies of soap. I still have my spring plan and have had some amazing support from some friends doing testing for me for my new soaps. Its all good and Mimosa Soapery isn't going anywhere.

I have some exciting news as well. We are currently remortgaging and there will be a little money for that that I can use to make part of my husbands shed into my dedicated workroom. This will be really easy and cheap to do but the expensive part is getting the air conditioning unit. This means I can be really controlled with the temperature so the soap is not subjected to extremes of temperature when it is curing.

Thank you all for your custom. Thank you for reading

Stay safe and stay well please

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