I am getting nervous!!!

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

6 days to go before I open my online shop for you all to browse and hopefully buy my soap. So many things going through my mind. Will you like my soap? Will this be a success? do I even think I am good enough to sell my stuff to the public? Who the heck do I think I am? Will I have enough soap? will I even sell anything on that first evening?

This is a challenge for me as I continue to work full time in my "proper" or "real" job and I am actually about to change my job and start a new episode in my nursing career. Soap making is my relaxation, my thing to do to relax and wind down, it just so happens that I can make a business out of it as well.

I am sure it will be fine. Just got first day nerves and that is to be expected. All the prep is going ok. I am waiting for my cigar wraps to be printed and then I can collect them and wrap soap this weekend. I also need to get some decent photos of my soap for the shop.

I am enjoying merging my 2 hobbies as well. I have a little side line Etsy shop called liveandletsew and although there isn't currently much on there I have been furiously making little projects like baskets and face pads that can compliment my hand made soaps. I think these will make awesome gifts for Christmas which is coming up fast.

Anyway time to sign off for today. I will see you all (hopefully) on the 14th September

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