Goodness me where does the time go?

I am so sorry I haven't blogged for over 10 days. It's been a bit bonkers in our house. I have finished my job in the hospital and am about to start a new one in a GP practice which is quite exciting. I haven't been able to make soap as I have run out of a couple of essential oils and was waiting for new ones to arrive. And .... I couldn't sew anything as my trusty sewing machine has broken. All of this just in the run up to getting stuff ready for Christmas 😬

But... I did make some sample soaps. One of them I don't think will work out but I will put it to the test with a couple of friends in the next couple of weeks. The other one is a strong contender but I have plans for lots more new soaps over the next few weeks that will be my new spring collection.

I am getting back on track a bit more and getting down to some sewing (a friend has lent me her machine whilst mine is getting repaired). Hopefully I can make some soap this weekend as well.

This is all leading up to the Thanet Virtual High Street Safari that is happening on Sunday 25th October from 10am until around 3pm. This is a novel idea for people that live local to me. A whole bunch of local businesses have signed up to this. We list our addresses and you drive around to the addresses that you want to go to and have a look at what they are selling and maybe buy some stuff. You may get even get some of your Christmas shopping done. For more information head over to Facebook and search Thanet Virtual High Street or click on the link:

I will post more pictures of soap and bags later next week

Stay safe and well

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