Getting ready for TVHS Spring Fair

I am getting ready for the Thanet Virtual High Street Spring Fair. This is on 24th and 25th April at Under 1 Roof in Ramsgate, COVID-19 permitting 🤞

I have made as much soap as I can for the moment that will be ready for sale by that date. Anything I make now won't be ready until mid May so I turn to other things that I can offer for sale.

I am still making my resuseable face pads and will have loads of these for you to buy. I am experimenting with a different fabric as well for the face pads. I am still using 100% cotton oj one side but instead of bamboo Terry towelling I am using Zorb Bamboo dimple fabric with Antimicrobial Silvadur. Zorb is a leading brand of ultra absorbent fabric often used for reusable nappies and women's cloth pads for periods. It is thin, super absorbent hypoallergenic and baby safe. It is made with the environment and product safety in mind and is easy to wash and dry, all in keeping with my eco friendly brand. They are 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. The antimicrobial silvadur helps to kill or slow the spread of microbes or microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, protozoans and fungi. This antimicrobial protection is by the action of silver ions which have long been known to naturally kill harmful microorganisms. This fabric is a little more expensive and is reflected in the cost of these pads but in the long term it is cheaper as you don't need to buy any cotton wool balls and it is so much better on the environment. I will continue to offer the bamboo Terry towelling face pads as well but they do play havoc with my sewing machines with all of the fluff they shed.

I have also made the bag that you see at the top of this post. I am so excited to be able to bring this to the fair. It is also In keeping with my ecofriendly, reusable theme and is a foldable fabric tote bag. it is made from canvas fabric and a burst of colour with some cotton fabric. It is not lined but it is sturdy. I am not sure I would recommend it for bags of potatoes 😬 but it is perfect for folding up and popping in your pocket or handbag for this shopping trips where a handy little bag is essential. I will be making a small supply of these to sell at the fair and if they sell well I will continue to offer them on my website. As you can see there is some cheeky little advertising for my soap on there but I don't think its to "in your face" and you can't blame a gal for trying can you eh ☺️

Come along and see me 10 till 4. All of my current soap range will be available for you to buy. I will have soap shavings and sample packs for sale as well. Washbags and cosmetic bags will be for sale as well as face pads and my foldable tote bags. I may even have some handmade face masks for sale.

Face masks are essential, hand gel will be available also. Please do not come if you have symptoms of COVID-19. Please ensure that you observe social distancing. I can accept contactless payment but will also accept cash. Come along and support your local businesses in Thanet and make some friends. See you there.

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