Fiddling with my soap packaging and some very good news

So it has most certainly been a while since I have felt ok. it has been a very challenging few months. Most of you will know I work full time as a nurse and in October I left my job in the hospital to work at one of the local GP surgeries. I did nearly 4 weeks in my new job and then my daughter got COVID. I then contracted it. I managed to keep working through it from a desk in my bedroom. I was one of the lucky ones. I was poorly for about 4-5 days with headache and a temperature and quite frankly felt like I had been hit by a train but after 5 days or so I was on the mend. Nothing like my poor husband who on day 10 of the infection ended up in hospital with pneumonia in both lungs. I have never felt so scared ever. The amazing team I worked with up till I left the hospital in October cared for him so brilliantly and luckily he seems to have recovered reasonably unscathed. Luckily at this time he does not appear to have any long term effects. He is still a little breathless on exertion but not excessively. We count ourselves lucky and I thank my friends and colleagues for doing such an amazing job.

Then Christmas was upon us and then January. I hate January. I hate the winter months, the darkness and the gloom. It gets me so down and I lost my mojo. This coming week I finally have a week off and I need it. I need some time to rest and recover from what the last 3 months have thrown at us but I also now have some stuff to look forward to.

I have struggled for space indoors to make my soap for different reasons and my husband and I have decided to liberate some space from his shed for me to work in. This entails very some very simple work in making a small room within the shed and then kitting it out, the biggest challenge is how to make sure that I can control the temperature so that the soap can cure without being cold or hot. We have sorted this problem with some air conditioning / climate control and I hope to be able to show you all pictures of the work over the next few weeks. I will then have a dedicated space which will help.

I have my new soap ideas in the pipeline still that some amazing people helped me test and I haven't forgotten you guys and your little gift for helping me. I'm not sure I will get these soaps out quite as soon as I hoped but you never know I will try.

I am aware that Mother's Day is on the horizon and I will be putting together a Mother's Day gift set for people to buy for their mum's so definitely watch this space.

I am hoping to get loads of soap made this week so there should be plenty available to buy in the coming weeks so get those fingers ready to order your favourite soaps and restock.

Stay safe guys please and I look forward to seeing you all soon.

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