Challenging times

So COVID 19 has arrived at my house. Luckily it appears to be a mild case but we are all stuck indoors for 14 days isolation. This presents a considerable challenge for me as I am not able to post orders out for at least the next 2 weeks and if a new case occurs that 14 days countdown starts again so it is vaguely possible that I could be stuck indoors until the New Year 😳

However I do have a plan B if this should occur as I know people are making Christmas orders from me.

I will pack all of the orders using gloves and will anti-bag my hands before doing the packing up. There is a developing body of evidence about his long the coronavirus lasts on surfaces but general consensus states no longer than 72 hours. This means that if I post your soap to you it is likely to be around 48-72 hours before it arrives and so should be perfectly safe to open. Alternatively, please leave your package to one side for 2-3 days before opening to be sure that any residual virus is gone.

Please be assured that I will do everything to make sure that your order arrives to you with minimal risk and for your part leaving your package to one side for 3 days will pretty much ensure that your gift presents no health risk to you at all.

Meantime the guidance from the Government and NHS England remains important. wash your hands, wear a mask and keep 2 metres from people who are not in your bubble.

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