Best laid plans an all that...

It hasn't been a good weekend. Sadly I have been waylaid by some bug and haven't been able to make soap or do any sewing. This is a shame as the Thanet Virtual High Street safari is on 25th October and I haven't got anywhere near the amount of stock I was hoping for. I have enough soap (I hope) as I managed to get some new stock made to cure in time a few weeks ago and I should be able to get making again soon and have a stock in time for Christmas especially for local delivery.

Rubbish timing really what with my new job supposed to be starting this week as well and sadly, so far, I have had to take the first day off sick.

Silver linings though: 1/2 stone weight loss and time to review my online shop, albeit briefly due to the illness and headache it is causing.

Anyway, I will be back and fighting fit soon and will be at the THVS safari on Sunday: link here Take a look at who else is taking part and come along to support local businesses.

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