Am I actually going to do this???

Yes I certainly am.

Welcome along to Mimosa-Soapery. Very soon I shall be opening my shop up and selling my soaps but sometimes it's nice to get a bit of an insight into how something happens.

I am a full time nurse, wife, mum to 23 and 15 year old daughters, crazy dog owner (bonkers cocker spaniel) and crafty person. Like it says in my 'About Me' section I sew, I make soap, I have made my own jewellery previously, I have made my own glass beads previously as well. I did sell some jewellery and glass beads when I used to do them but just for 'pin money' - you know to sustain my habit 😂.

I'm sure you are all aware of the Covid situation of the past few months and having a hobby has been so important for mental health and winding down after stressful shifts at work. One of my colleagues bought me some soap samples from a lady selling her own soap (go take a look at her soap it is lush I looked at this and thought I would like to try to make my own soap, this is the point where my husband rolled his eyes 🙄, but I did it. I made some soap at home and by heck it was lush. It didn't dry my hands like commercial soaps, my hands felt clean, literally squeaky clean. I made some more. I gave it to family and friends to try out and they liked it too. They wanted to buy it. Could I? Could I really do this? Is there a market? Would I make money? What did I want from this venture?

I experimented with different recipes and found one I like. I decided I would - I was going to sell my soaps. Another time I will take you through the steps you have to go through to sell soaps legally. They are classified as cosmetic items and subject to considerable legislation but needless to say I am working my way through these things and hope that come mid September I will be opening my (metaphorical) doors and welcoming you all along to try them out.

I have friends excited for me and giving me ideas on things to do in my shop so watch this space - come along for the ride and try some gorgeous soap and lets do our bit for the environment as well as making sure we are all clean too ❤️

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