My soap making journey


Meet Sam

My name is Sam and I have always been crafty. Not in the sense of deceiving others but in the sense of making things by hand. I have made jewellery in the past and for a while I did lamp work, making my own glass beads for making jewellery. 

I currently sew for pleasure and sell a little on the side to keep me in fabric but over recent months I have found a new passion - Soap!!

I love making soap. Its like a chemistry lesson mixed with making mud pies in the garden as a child and mixing in different leaves and flower petals to get different smells. 

On one level its not that hard to do, I do it in my kitchen but on a different level there is some complexity and science to it. 

Anyway I have spent a few months making soap with different ingredients and testing it out on friends and family (they have all survived unscathed 😂) and slowly "Mimosa Soapery" was born.

Why Mimosa - Its a mix of my daughters names - Imogen and Savannah, and a lovely little flower to boot.

So.... welcome to Mimosa Soapery. Come along for a ride with me to explore new soap fragrances, make some favourites that you want time and time again and just to have some fun with me.

Get in touch if you want to, it would be nice to get to know you guys too.