Saturday 22nd May 2021. 
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I have a limited number of sample soap packs in stock and soap shavings with sisal soap bag.
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Posting orders
I will only be posting orders once a week on Mondays so please be aware of this when placing your order.
If you live in a CT postcode and want to collect your order from me then that can be arranged between us at a mutually convenient time. 

My soap

Why buy handmade soap?

My soap is made in small batches in my own home in Margate, Kent from all natural, sustainable ingredients. 

Soap is made from a combination of various oils and butters with Lye that, when mixed together, undergo a chemical process called saponification that leads to the formation of soap. This is called cold process soap. Colours and fragrance can be added for interest. 

I use friends and family to test out my soaps before I put them up for sale. From making the soap to sale takes around 4-6 weeks as the soap has to be left to cure. Soap also has to have a cosmetic safety certificate and all of my soaps have these.

No animal fat is used in my recipes. My soap is paraben, SLS and SLES free and coloured with naturally occurring colourants. I only use essential oils for fragrance. It is 100% vegan.

My oils and butters are responsibly sourced and are certified sustainable where appropriate. All of my ingredients are purchased from the UK.

My packaging is recyclable, compostable or biodegradable and where possible I try to ensure that everything is eco-friendly, recycled, recyclable and sustainable.

No plastic here.


Naturally Simple

I have been making soap since the beginning of 2020 and love the process of mixing oils and butters together to make soap. I have spent some time deciding on which ingredients to use and with some help from friends and family I am now proud to bring you "Mimosa Soapery". Handmade, small batch soap that is eco friendly, vegan and best of all no plastic. 


"Love the way it lathers up and it leaves my hands feeling moisturised and clean and not dry at all".                      

Janice - Margate

"I have not used actual "soap soap" for years but was lucky enough to try some samples of Mimosa's soaps recently. My God, I am in love!! They smell delish, they actually foam and bubble, I used them to shave and importantly, most importantly, they do NOT dry out my skin, or leave it tight and irritated. My faves are the flower power and the poppyseed soap (it's exfoliating at the same time). Can't wait to buy slabs of the stuff"

Kelly - Margate

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